Sunday, April 29, 2007

Here's an anniversary to mark...

This article first appeared on, a weblog of the Nation Institute, which offers a steady flow of alternate sources, news, and opinion from Tom Engelhardt, long time editor in publishing, co-founder of the American Empire Project and author of Mission Unaccomplished (Nation Books), the first collection of Tomdispatch interviews. This piece was published together with Michael Klare's Warships, warships everywhere with many a bomb to drop which you can access by clicking on the FULL STORY link below.

Renato Redentor Constantino
May 3, 2007

Great US Fatherland, bless the star-spangled armada massing today in the Persian Gulf.



das said...

Hi Red !

this is Tao, writing from Canada.
Sorry for never answering lately, but for sure I do get your mails and enjoy them a lot - as far as one can use the word "enjoyment" when one thinks about the victimes aboard Iran Air flight IR655.
I'm so glad you brougth this incident up again - with cristalline and inescapable clarity, especially the obscene end with the medals of bravery. I wish I could get hold of the Video which was shot by the Gunners seconds before and during the launch of the 2 Missiles from the USS Vincennes. I'm sure they showed off with it afterwards and made copies back at fodderland in order to brag. They got medals for valor after all.
During the very short period this story made headlines, Radio Canada TV broadcast this video once, god only knows how they got hold of it, how it slipped through the curtain of mediablackout of the great "saviours of democratic freedom of censured press". I never heard of it again, and very little indeed of the whole incident. When you ask people around you hardly anyone became even aware of it.
In case you haven't seen it let me tell you: it chills you right to the bones, deeply and thouroughly.
I still see it clearly in my memory and often shake my head with sadness, when I think about all the innocent victims - it made me understand what it means to be american-educated ( i.e.brainwashed into becoming robotic flagsuckers with no brains of their own.)
Those kids in that shooting-Video were so triggerhappy, so excited, almost like fixers who want their heroinshot, and get it quickly, right into their Arms. You could see them scurrying around, aiming their rockets, enjoying every bit of it, it was so horribly obscene because it was obvious that they got no feeling of threat coming from this obviously civilian Airbus. On the other hand it looked somehow as if those kids had been addicts of video-wargames, they were aking to finally have a pretense to do "the real thing" and couldn't really understand the depth of the difference between a simulation and bloody reality.
Someone published a book with statistics of friendly fire incidents and it turned out that overly triggerhappy american soldiers had killed not double or three times the number of friendly soldiers, but more than ten times as many - (this not as a total but on a per capita basis). That same triggerhappy behaviour seems to be allpervading in fodderland and an intrinsic part of their "superior dualistic christian culture". Axis of Evil. yes.
So I'm deeply delighted about your writing, because its so telling as a story, so symptomatic - and like a key to the understanding of the present behaviour of the worlds worst rogue nation.
And you are the first who brings this up in a long time. - great, and thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was also pleased to see a reference to this terror attack on innocents.
However I had never read the excuse quoted by you for the attack. At the time I was very much involved with trying to stop the deployment of a Phased Array Radar at RAF(USAF) Fylingdales. The excuse I read, in many publications was that the USS vincennces Phased Array Radar 'suggested' that the plane was a fighter jet. We used clippings from several publications in a leaflet we distributed outide Fylingdales Ballistic Missile Early Warning Base.

I wonder if you have the source, other than Fisk's book please, and post it if you do.

Thanks for reminding me of this atrocity. Mick

Anonymous said...

Hi Tao,

If you go to you tube and enter US shoots down Iranian Jet, there is a small news item showing the shooting down and the behaviour of the killers, hope it helps. Mick