Friday, December 15, 2006


He retired from street activism in 1997 after a quadruple heart bypass. He remains retired to this day, but of course one does not simply retire from being a citizen of the country, and on December 9, fed up with the depravities of the House of Boars and Bores -- minions of the lying, cheating, illegitimate ruler of the country -- RC went with his wife Dudi to the press conference organized by the Speaker of what has been called the House of Thieves -- and there he spoke his mind. The two of them do not represent any organization; they went to the press event of the Speaker's Big Con as two full-time grandparents.

Here's a sum-up of news and musings and bile and pleadings about interesting happenings in the last few days involving a namesake, who also happens to be the grandfather of my two kids, and his wife, a senior citizen and long-time activist and who is also super-duper dear lola to Rio and Luna.


Photo taken in 2004 in Valencia, Spain, at the city's incredible aquarium. From the left is my mom Dudi, followed by my sister Karmina, then RC, then sis Ninel.

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